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We are so happy to have played a role in raising funds for this worthy organization!

Generosity Overwhelms the Foundation for Exceptional Children of Suffield

Our busy exercise class with Joseph Hicks, certified personal trainer.  People who exercise on a regular basis have better balance, strength, and coordination, which make them less likely to fall.  Great job, folks, keep up the good work!  Joseph offers our residents chair aerobics three times a week as well as a Bones & Balance class twice a week.  For more information on Joseph and what he has to offer, please click on http://www.teamjtraining.com


A special thank you to the daughters of Albert and Maryann, Carol Grenon-Francoline and Janet Ragno, who decorated the private dining room for their Victorian Christmas! How fabulous, thank you ladies!


The last harvest from our farm-to-table partner, Cedar Brook Farm, in West Suffield.


Fall at the Farm

As we say goodbye to Summer and welcome in the Fall, we are still enjoying the fruits of the first year of our Farm.  All summer long residents  enjoyed the freshest of vegetables planted and picked at our Farm,  and now we will enjoy the last offerings of Fall.


Thank YOU, Claude Courtier, for your kind words. We absolutely love having you stay with us while visiting your father and look forward to your next visit!

“I need to say thank you to Celia, and every person at Suffield including the sweet residents there. I will miss you all and as for the staff your kindness to me made my stay exceptional, all my needs were met and I feel I have left behind family not just employees. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and hope that I can make this journey again. Once again Thank You all, I shall miss u. ❤️


Suffield by the River is pleased to announce the renovation of its apartments.  Now our residents will have the best of both worlds – the experience of over 18 years of private ownership with the look of a brand new community.


Grateful Resident Awards Scholarships



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