Happy Holidays from SBTR

We all had a wonderful time at last night’s 2013 Holiday Party. Thank you all for coming and spreading good cheer, happiness and warm wishes as you do throughout the entire year. It gives me so much pleasure to own Suffield by the River and I hope you feel the same about living and spending time here. :)



15th Anniversary

Thank you to everybody who showed up to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. You can check out the photos on our Facebook page (videos to follow; you might be surprised by some of our rockers and rollers :D ) as well as on our website in our gallery. We have loved every second since we opened our sliding doors more than 15 years ago (well, maybe not EVERY second; the Alfred/Halloween Storm was a bit much, but it did bring with it the good fortune of introducing us to the wonderful Fosters — Joyce, and her late husband Warren) and we would not be the type of caring, loving, and festive environment without the help of you all:

From our dear residents who are the reason we started in the first place, to Shawn Leonard and his maintenance staff for literally keeping the place up and running while keeping Suffield by the River beautiful (“there’s always something to do,”), to Caryl Bills and her staff of nurses and aides who keep everybody as happy as possible and seem always to be able to put a smile on people’s faces (except for June ;) ) to Liz Sansom and her recreation staff who are just as good at making people “turn that frown upside down,” (except when she is compelling residents to dream of her demise during her thrice weekly exercise sessions), of course who can forgot our Executive Chef Carlos Gutierrez and his staff who keep everybody’s stomachs full (maybe they are too good at their jobs), Jacki Berriman and her kitchen staff for getting that scrumptious food to the tables with a smile on their faces, especially since they have to serve everyone ALL THE TIME and never get a break :( (and congratulations to new mommie Kristy Preli), our amazing staff at River’s Watch for all the great work that they put in day in, day out, night in and night out from recreation (Karen Frawley) to nursing (Andrea et al), as well as our Assistant Executive Director Karen Isabelle who is currently slaving over the Christmas Tree decorations and has been here since before the doors opened. There are too many to name (like Mark Tomasello, a.k.a. “The Ghost,” the ever talented Leslie Phelps who keeps everybody looking pretty even when they might not feel it, Sue Soucie who has been here for more than a decade and always greets people with a smile, Barbara Catania who has been with us for 15–FIFTEEN–years, Kathy Tirone who is actually, somehow on year 16 (!) as well and is always sad and moping around the building ;) And a special thanks to Jean Collins who retired after 14 1/2 years of dedicated service and we wish her the best in her retirement).

We know we left some names off, but the people who have made Suffield by the River what it is and will continue to be are too numerous to name here.  If we forgot anybody, sincerely forgive us, as always we try our best and hope you stick around for another 15 years.

And most especially, thank you again so much to our residents and families for choosing Suffield by the River and placing your trust in us.  We strive every day to earn that trust.


Celia Moffie

Owner/Executive Director

(and Jake Donnelly

Assistant Executive Director)

P.S. Jake hopes everyone enjoyed their Suffield by the River candy dishes, and if you think you got snubbed on the candy dishes, he doesn’t want to hear it :P

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu

Dear Residents and Family Members,

Suffield by the River will be have a traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinner on Thursday, November 28th, with only one seating at 2:00 P.M. Please complete the form below if you or any guests will or will not be joining us for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner. The guest charge is $25.00 per person, and the menu is listed below:

Butternut Bisque Soup,

Field Green Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette,

Roasted Turkey with Stuffing or Baked Ham with Maple Glaze,

Mashed Potatoes, Julienne Vegetables with Green Beans,

and for dessert:

Pumpkin or Apple Pie.

There are two ways to get this information back to Suffield by the River:

1) Please fill out the form below or

2) Print out the attached PDF of our Thanksgiving Day Dinner and return it to the Front Desk

Kindly return the forms with the proper information NO LATER than Wednesday, November 20th.

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

 Will Be Attending Will Not Be Attending

Number of Guests Attending

Happy Halloween/Happy Owner

We hope that everyone is dressing up for Halloween. For the first time in what seems like a decade there is almost no chance we will be getting snow on Ol’ Hallows Eve so there are no excuses for people to not dress up :)

If you’re wondering why our fearless leader is all smiles today it is because not only does she love Halloween, but the Red Sox won the World Series so you get three guesses to figure out what here outfit entails, and the first two guesses don’t count. Here’s a clue to help you out:





















Oh… and don’t mind out sometimes helper dog Bo, he won’t be in a costume unfortunately ;)

Cancer Walk

Thank you to everybody who participated in Team Suffield by the River’s involvement in Bay State’s “Rays of Hope Cancer Walk” this past Sunday (10/20). From everybody who worked out his/her hamstrings on the walk, to people who couldn’t walk, but still donated, every bit counts so thank you sincerely for your involvement. A special thanks goes out to Suffield by the River resident, Odette Makari, as without her, there is no way Grace Makari-Judson could complete all of her wonderful work in the field of cancer. Another special thanks goes out to Team Suffield by the River captains Karen Frawley and Karen Isabelle. There will be pictures to follow and this is something we will continue to do in the future for such a great cause. Thank you everybody again who participated in any way.

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