Priority Wait List Agreement

The undersigned (“Applicant”) and Suffield by the River (“SBTR”), agree as follows:

  1. SBTR acknowledges receipt from the Applicant of a Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar ($2,500) deposit (“Original Deposit”) to secure a position on the Wait List for occupancy for The Villas at SBTR.
  2. Within five (5) business days of notification by SBTR to Applicant of the availability of a Home, Applicant shall pay to SBTR an additional deposit of Twenty-Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500) (“Additional Deposit”). The Supervisor of Assisted Living Services (the “SALSA”) will schedule an assessment of the Applicant. If the SALSA determines that the Applicant is not appropriate to reside at SBTR then all deposits shall be refunded. If Applicant chooses not to pay the Additional Deposit, Applicant can either stay on the Wait List or choose to have One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500) of the Original Deposit returned to him, upon which Applicant will no longer remain on the Wait List, and the balance of the Original Deposit will be forfeited.
  3. Within forty-five (45) days of payment of the Additional Deposit, Applicant shall pay the monthly fee and security deposit, or, if applicable, the balance of the Entrance Fee and the monthly fee, and SBTR shall deliver occupancy to Applicant. If Applicant does not accept occupancy, both the Original Deposit and the Additional Deposit shall be forfeited and become the property of SBTR.
  4. If a Villa is immediately available, then this Agreement shall serve as a Reservation Agreement upon payment of the $5,000 Deposit.

After submitting this form online, you will receive a completed copy in your email, please print and mail a signed copy along with your deposit check.

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