Nursing Department

Suffield by the River’s Nursing Department is blessed to have at its helm Caryl Bills, RN, as its Supervisor of Assisted Living Services. In addition to her compassion and genuine concern for the health and well-being of our residents, Caryl brings over 40 years nursing experience in the hospital, home care, and assisted living setting.

In addition to Caryl, Suffield by the River has a qualified group of dedicated and caring nursing personnel who make our residents’ happiness, safety and security in their homes their first and foremost priority.

Please contact the Nursing Department at any time. If you prefer communicating via email, please contact Caryl Bills at for all nursing issues, Antonia Reynolds at for nursing issues pertaining to Grand Vista, or Andrea Dickson Vasquez at for nursing issues pertaining to River’s Watch or The Villas.

Caryl Bills, RN — Supervisor of Assisted Living Services









Antonia Reynolds, LPN — Grand Vista

Andrea Dickson Vasquez, LPN — River’s Watch








Marilyn Averill, RN

Eva Badowski, RN


Patti Martin, RN


Patti Martin, RN

Kayon McDonald, LPN

Anushka Nelson, LPN

Ann Marie Thompson, LPN

Lisa Velez, LPN

Annmarie Wilson, LPN

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