Assisted Living

In addition to all the services and amenities included in the monthly rent for independent living, personal care assisted living is also available with as little or as much assistance as needed. Personal care assistance is tailored specifically for each resident based on the resident’s assisted living need.

Personal care assistance includes transferring, assistance in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, cuing, and transportation to meals, medication set up and reminders, day care and companion services.If you live in northern CT or western MA and are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, please contact us to schedule a tour of Suffield by the River.

The fees for assisted living services are on an a la carte basis, so you only pay for the services you need (click here to see the schedule of fees for assisted living services) NEED INFO.

Kathy Tirone and Marcia Alexander,two of Suffield by the River's dedicated certified nursing aides.

Kathy Tirone and Marcia Alexander,two of Suffield by the River

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