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Suffield by the river team picture Mark Tomasello, Chief Financial Officer, Kathy Tirone, Certified Nurse’s Aide, Sue Soucie, Administrative Assistant/Marketing, Celia Moffie, Owner & Executive Director, Karen Isabelle, Assistant Executive Director/Human Reseource Director, Shawn Leonard, Physical Plant Director, representing just a few of Suffield by the River’s staff who have been with it since inception. More than 20% of Suffield by the River staff have been employed for over 10 years.

Suffield by the River dedicates itself to providing its residents with the most emotionally and physically satisfying environment possible.

Suffield by the River’s staff will do everything within their power to provide excellence in personalized service to all residents and guests of its independent living community as well as its assisted living community, so as to allow its residents to live complete and full lives as their physical needs change.

What distinguishes Suffield by the River from the vast majority of other senior residential housing communities is its ownership. Suffield by the River is privately owned and operated by Celia Moffie.

Celia’s philosophy is to imbue in each Suffield by the River staff member an unparalleled sense of caring and service, which begins from the top. If a resident or family member has an issue or concern, then you bring it to Celia, who will do whatever she can to provide the service and attention each resident deserves.



Turnover in the senior housing industry is a sore subject, but not at Suffield by the River.  You will be hard pressed to find a community that has been in existence since 1998 and which not only has the same ownership in place but also the same management.  Celia Moffie has privately owned Suffield by the River since its inception in 1998 and has also served as its Executive Director.  And along with Celia, virtually all of her department heads have served with her the entire time, as well as having tremendous longevity in Suffield by the River’s staff.  All of this translates into providing exceptional care and a warm, safe and welcoming community for residents.

“Our family is so thankful to the owner, Celia Moffie, who is so kind, respectful, welcoming and supportive to all who live here, as well as their families.  She has a heart of gold and truly cares about her staff and the families that reside in the home that is “Suffield by the River.”

The greatest gift Suffield by the River has given our family is peace of mind, knowing that our parents are well cared for in a beautiful and loving environment.  We would highly recommend SBTR to anyone looking for a special place for their parents to live.”

Lisa Sciarra

Father and mother-in-law are residents of Suffield by the River, as was her mother.

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